Friday, July 21, 2006


I don't even know where to start with Lady in the Water. Except that I'm not sure a muddled meta-fable about, uh, fables is such a good idea. Not to make a movie out of, anyway. I kind of like it up to a point: there's an oddly absorbing quality to its narrative offhandedness , at least for a while. And then it becomes unintentionally funny: why is this happening? what does this mean? In the same way a bedtime story is all exposition, this is all exposition. Shyamalan has said he wants to revere, restore, storytelling but whoever said it needed it? People go to movies all the time and settle in for Buffy marathons and read novels. What he really wants to restore and revere in this movie is himself. This is epic narcissism, especially since Shyamalan casts himself as a writer whose unpublished book will one day change the world.

Sure thing, man.

I could go on. I like three of his movies quite a lot. But Shyamalan's fallen down some rabbit hole he might find hard to climb out of.


Anonymous said...

After a long absence
we return to ourselves
in little movements,
little smiles at children,
little longing gazes,
little forgivenesses
until our flight
doesn’t seem so unfeasible
and we remember
what it was
to gleam like a star
and take refreshment
in dust.

cK said...

I'm just waiting for UNBREAKABLE VS THE MATRIX.

Paul said...

That might be next, I think.

Man, talk about guys squandering the immense goodwill of their audiences...

Montgomery Maxton said...

It was a bizarre movie. I kept waiting for something. Nothing came.

bp said...

I think Shyamalan is so overated. "Unbreakable" had some interesting parts but also some weaknesses, and both "Signs" and "The Village" suffered from such pronounced problems of logic (in addition to being unbearably pretentious) that...well...they just sucked. (Hm, water kills us, so...let's invade a planet where 80% of the planet's surface is water, and most of the air is water... -- and it took the humans several days to figure out that water was lethal to them? What, they didn't invade Seattle or any other city where it might have been raining? They didn't go anywhere humid,and the air burned their lungs? That's like humans invading a planet that is predominantly sulfuric acid! Those aliens MAYBE could've invaded Arizona, or some Middle Eastern countries. Actually, I like the idea of them invading Arizona, because it would have all kinds of political overtones, like George Romero's "Land of the Dead." The Minutemen could go fight the "aliens." Film theorists everywhere would crap their pants in glee.)

Anyway, sorry for the long parenthetical. E-mail me your address so I can send you the Sopranos.

Paul said...

I can sort of overlook the water problem in Signs because I liked how the invasion played out on a small scale and Gibson's character's crisis of faith. And I really love Unbreakable, despite its pretension. But his has last two films are stinkers.

I think he has a great eye, though.