Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Walking in

The interview went pretty well, I think. Of course, they hired me on the spot. And gave me a six million dollar signing bonus. And gave me one of these.

Kidding about all that.

I think I did do pretty well at the interview, though. It really does help to try to prepare beforehand, I find. I've been through a few of these by now and there are certain questions that go with the territory, so I always think through my answers, even write them down, just to reach a kind of fluency to balance out the times when the idiot gene begins to assert itself.

It's perverse but I almost enjoy interviews. Almost, mind you. But it's challenging and, for better or worse, it's a chance to talk about ideas about poetry and teaching. That can't be so bad, can it?

I even got one good laugh out of them. Asked about dealing with sentimentality, I talked about student work that resembles crudely borrowed song lyrics and how best to address that. Somewhere in that I said something to the effect of, "And, of course, Britney Spears isn't really known for being a wordsmith." Score two for me. ;)

So we'll see how it goes. I feel fine. If it happens, great. If not, well, not great. But I'll manage.


I forgot to mention it was a phone interview. Which is relevant in that I hung up and dashed out the door to catch Superman Returns.

Awesome. The opening credits, if you're my age, if you remember the original, are surprisingly perfect. Bullyseye on the geek pleasure center. As for the rest, serious majesty going on throughout. The ending is about 10 minutes, maybe, too long. Not really a problem, though.

So bring on the World's Finest movie. I'm there.

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Matthew Guenette said...

Phone interviews: I don't like em'. I need to look my interrogators in the eye; it helps me lie better. I'm not too religious, but I'm praying you get the job Paul.

Can you picture me praying? It's exactly how you think it looks.