Wednesday, June 14, 2006


My browser is doing strange things: some bookmarks/links/pages won't load but instead take me to a Comcast page that wants me to first turn off all pop-up blockers, firewalls, antivirus software then download something. This has got to be a scam, some kind of virus or spyware. I've scanned everything with McAfee but the problem persists. I'm loathe to call Comcast because they'll say, run your anti-virus software. Did that. Oh, then, uh, pray?

I'll figure it out.

Update: Fixed it. Not a virus. Settings gone goofy.


Glad to write a poem. Still enjoying the memoir but give me poetry over prose every day of the week.

Memoir is somewhere north of 13,000 words. I spent 12,000 of them on being 12 years old in a rehabilitation hospital in a strange city. I've skipped ahead to 22, starting graduate school in Carbondale, Illinois, and thankfully for readers, if there ever are any, it's a lot more funny and a lot less gruesome. But I love the gruesome. Ha!


cK said...

Ah, the Saluki in me begins to salivate at the idea people I once knew will be lampooned in this initial Carbondale chapter! Rodney, for example.

And you just might become the second person to make Faner Hall an architectural character in a book. (The only other one I know of is Rick Russo in STRAIGHT MAN.)

Keep at it. Though prose doesn't thrill you as much as poetry, you write it well, bub.

Paul said...

I can neither confirm nor deny that Rodney Jones may or may not have made an early appearance.

Faner Hall has gotta be in there.

Matthew Guenette said...

How about conflating personalities. C. Wilkerson with, say, L. Buchsbaum. Rodney with one of those huge-testicled squirrels that swarmed campus in the spring.

As J. Bell says, I can feel the lobes humming. Looking forward to any and all of it.

Paul said...

I really don't think the fabric of reality could withstand said conflation, Matt. I can't even begin to describe what sort of person that would create.

Paul said...

As for the squirrels, I already have two huge testicles stories in the book already. It's probably best there not be a third.

Matthew Guenette said...


Curious, who else is reading manuscripts right now? BY "who else" I mean someone who might like me? Poets & Writers seems summer-thin and reading-fee heavy. Where else do you look?

Paul said...

I just visit everywhere I can think of to check. There's Four Way, Ausable, The Akron Prize.....ummm.....

Matthew Guenette said...

I've already got one at Four Way (found out a few weeks ago it's in the finalist pile...again. Please, for the love of Pete!) I'll try Ausable 'cause it's free, which I dig. Akron, well, I don't know if they publish poets who write things like "huge-testicled squirrels." Thanks for the tips though.