Thursday, June 01, 2006

Is it getting better or do you feel the same

June the first and with its arrival my manuscript starts its humble way back out in to the world again. Four Way Books reads in June and allows you to submit electronically, which I both appreciate and also am suspicious of: is the reading experience the same? I'm guessing manuscripts that pass a certain level of reader are then printed out. All the same, I went ahead and emailed mine in. Ausable Press also reads in June and thanks to their not-for-profit status, they no longer charge a reading fee.

I'm excited. 43 out of the 45 poems in the manuscript have been published; one of those I've never sent out, the other has been out a zillion times, so there's kind of a zen-balance to that somehow and I'm ok with it. I think its time has rolled around, maybe, just maybe.

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