Monday, April 03, 2006

I skipped the part

In favor of something less pointless and futile, I deleted the Sunday entry. I'm over it.


Betsy and Sherry survived one of the tornadoes that ravaged through the midwest and south over the weekend. About 40 miles from Memphis, the wind was pushing Betsy's car around. They looked up. Betsy described the sky as looking like the belly of a huge black dog with each teat being a descending funnel cloud. They pulled into a gas station where things were being blown about, sucked into the air. One of the pumps was ripped off its bases, spreading gasoline everywhere. Inside, they hid with 25 other people inside a cooler. Emergency services arrived to help a woman who had been injured or trampled. They had to leave the gas station due to the danger of explosion, running to a McDonald's where they waited out the storm.

I'm so thankful they are ok. It sounds like it was terrifying.


I took the plunge and ordered myself an iPod. I've been a long time mp3 player early adopter. My first was the Rio 300, which would hold about half an hour's worth of songs. From there I graduated to the Creative Nomad Jukebox, which is still a favorite. Later, I had Intel's ill-fated but pretty cool player. After that, a Creative Zen, which was an iPod level player but ultimately not as easy to use as it should have been. The Dell DJ came with my new pc a couple of years ago and I liked it, but sold it when I needed money last fall. Now that it's spring and I'm not quite so poor, I sprung for a white 30 gig video iPod. I'll need some kind of case or sleeve for it, to protect from scratches. Any suggestions?


A few Meacham pics later on.


Charles said...

I have the 30 GB video model and I found a nice clear snap-on case at my local Apple retailer. I wanted something more colorful, but so far I've been happy with what I've got.

Paul said...

The clear snap-on types are kinda what I'm looking for. I haven't found any I like yet.