Thursday, March 16, 2006


Last night PBS was playing a Johnny Cash concert from Montreux, Switzerland. I was writing, but I kept it on anyway. It was filmed around the time American Recordings came out, when Johnny was still pretty hale and hardy, a big man. You could sense a kind of joy in his newfound resurgence and his band was having a ball. Later, he did several solo numbers from the album: "Delia," "Tennessee Stud," "The Beast in Me." Then he brought out June for "Jackson."


My birthday was pretty nice. Nothing worthy of reporting. Thanks for all the well wishes.


Excited about heading up to Blacksburg. I haven't seen Eliot since AWP in Chicago, which is far too long. He thinks we should wear matching jumpsuits or headbands. I think I'm going to have to pass on that. Maybe if we go on tour.

How do these reading invites happen? I guess the same way this one did. Someone thinks to ask you.


I went for a walk with Richard Siken yesterday. His book, I mean.

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