Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today was the best day in I don't know how long. Spring, she has sprung. 72 yesterday, but gusty, so it felt cooler; 66 today, with light breeze and blue sky, and real warmth. I feel bad for Aimee, who woke up to lake effect snow. Eek. I once dated a girl from Cleveland and the few times we made it up there it was always frigid, snowing. We left Tuscaloosa once, in March, warm already, and drove to Cleveland in one miserable shot because of a death in the family. I could watch the temperature drop with the miles. While there, I got locked inside the church by the priest. It took a while for someone to miss me.

But I was talking about today. I've read, wrote a new poem, restarted Veronica Mars from the beginning: I got about halfway through before getting derailed. So I'm on disc 2. If Buffy were ever to be recast, Kristin Bell is the only actress for the job. The show is, I think, probably the best structured long-form serial ever made. And I've only seen half of it. It's that good.

This afternoon I went for a walk and ended up at the local convenience store. An older man held the door open for me and said, "You wouldn't happen to be any relation to Rip Bohannon, would you?"

"Yes, sir, he's my grandfather."

"I thought that's who you were."

We talked for a few minutes in the very Southern idiom that is not my usual way but that I know, of course, in my bones.

I walked back, sat in the sun, nodding off.


Magnolia said...

The show is, I think, probably the best structured long-form serial ever made.

I could not agree more. VM is amazingly well structured. It has so many overlapping plots and subplots in every episode, yet it weaves them all together seamlessly and has razor sharp dialogue to boot.

If you have only seen the first half of S1, you are in for a real treat with the second half, because that's when it reaches true brilliance imho.

Paul said...

The show was just beginning to hint at mind-blowing stuff. So I thought I'd start over, savor it all the way through.

David said...

God I miss Georgia sometimes. Need to go find me a Mason jar and a rocking chair.

Jim Kober said...

This is a good post. I fear to say heart warming at the end, "I thought that's who you were." Or whatever was said.

Beauty and word up,

Jim Kober

Tim E. said...

Paul, if you haven't yet, go check out the Jabberwacky. Jabberwacky is my new best fiend.