Friday, March 24, 2006


Ha! That picture of Bush finally appeared. I set it up two months ago. Weirdm


I'm in the lobby of the ultra-swank hotel we're staying in here in Blacksburg, waiting to meet Eliot for Breakfast. It's been a great time. I'll write more tonight or tomorrow.


Check out Verse Daily today. There's this guy featured.


I talked about Def Leppard at my reading.


rebecca said...

Paul, I don't know it you've seen this or not:

Ali Davis said...

Congrats, this guy.

cK said...

Fine stuff, kid. And that falling boy page posted by one rebecca is both hypnotic and creepy.

But I'm easily creeped out.

Taylor Loy said...

Would that be The Inn at Virginia Tech?

The Engineering program put Rebecca and I up for the night there last weekend.

Nice place. Still smells new (which actually isn't a good thing because the "new" smell in a building after construction is composed of gases given off by PVC piping, paint, glues, treated lumber, vinyl, etc. just stewing around)

With all the stone buildings, I wonder if VT owns a quarry. They could have saved millions with a little foresight.