Sunday, March 19, 2006

Let's get it on

Crazy poetry man continues: I wrote yet another new poem this morning, this one called "Parts of the Body by Name." It's a straightforward, non-strange love poem of sorts, though love of a past tense. Maybe I'll post it later. I'm conscious of the possibility that people might get sick of reading another poem in such short order. Of course, it's easy to skip them and I suspect most people do. We'll see. The first two lines are: "Once she said I think you should not write / any more poems about breasts."


In some ways I am wary of writing so many poems so quickly, but I know better than to resist. It's like that Marvin Gaye line: "If the spirit moves you, let me groove you." Well, the spirit is moving.


I have this (now not) secret goal of having some manner of a new manuscript by August. It would be a stretch, though not if this pace keeps up.


Saw V for Vendetta Friday. The comic books are classic works by Allan Moore, famous for hating every movie made of his work. This is pretty goofy for the most part. Part of the problem is that the movie is less visual than the books. It all feels rather ordinary and even at times like some strange sitcom, V loves Evey! I did very much like Stephen Rhea and Hugo Weaving does well in the role, though the lack of a moving mouth creates some goofy pantomimicry. Natalie Portman is lovely but not dark and not deep.


cK said...

I think graphic novels make for pisspoor cinema, though I recall very much liking Road to Perdition. I think Mendes framed things like a graphic novel (e.g., static shot of a hand writing) and it worked. Still, that was a quieter tale. As for V (not to be confused with the lizard-people alien series), I just think that directing team ought to make noting more than car commercials, for their vision seems limited to crisp 30-second blocks.

Hmm. I'm probably a bastard. I really dislike the Black-Eyed Peas.

Ali Davis said...

Go crazy poetry man, go! People writing many poems inspire me. Go for it.