Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blacksburg City Nights

Getting ready to head up to Blacksburg tomorrow. I could have flown but considering that the most direct route from Chattanooga went through Cincinatti, then Charlotte, then Roanoke, then driving to Blacksburg, well, it's quicker to drive. And a lot less headache.

So Mapquest is my friend. I've been through there before though. My parents are tagging along, making a little trip of it. So I have to search for quilt shops in the area for my mom. This is a tradition: I know where a great many quilt shops are through the southeast, midwest, and British Columbia. My dad will search out antique malls. So we go.

I'm not sure if they're planning on going to the reading. They don't really pay much attention to what I write, aren't readers themselves, really, so it's not their thing. Writing is for me, in their eyes, like a hobby. We'll see.


I've got to think about what I'll read. I have two poems chosen already. The rest is wide open. I had planned for this to be the debut of my second book, but we all know how that went down.


Eliot and I will be meeting with some grad students, talking about their poems. That'll be fun.


I think Eliot and I are going to arm wrestle to determine reading order.


cK said...

Ah, buckets. I checked at your blog yesterday pre- "bad mood" posting. Would have tried to cheer you up, honestly, just didn't catch the post in time. Please don't write an angry poem about me.

Paul said...

No angry poem for you, my friend. Thanks, for checking in; I'm cool now.

Melissa said...

Hope you have fun on your trip. Your mother doesn't know what she's missing... perusing quilt shops and missing out on poetry magic. :)

Mathias Svalina said...

Be sure to eat breakfast at Gillies, that place is yummy.

Taylor Loy said...

If you get a chance, endorse me. (shamelessly)
Something like:
"That reminds me of something Taylor Loy once said..."
"If I had an MFA program, I know the first person I would pick...yeah, you guessed it, Taylor Loy"
Be creative with it.
You're a poet for God sakes.

The MFA deadline was Mar. 15th
So, I'm hoping to hear something
in the next couple weeks.

Rebecca and I just got back from there (and Seattle).
She interviewed with the Electrical Engineering folks.
She got accepted to the Ph.D program.