Friday, February 03, 2006

This is a call

My legs hurt. Somebody pass me the Advil.


I'm looking for poems for the third issue of Mot Juste, which is starting to come together, so please send us good poems.

Or great ones. That'd be ok, too.


Missed this the other day, but here's a fine poem from my pal Ted:

When I Was Gone to Summer


As Notes for My Body Double draws ever nearer, I thought I'd post again the link for pre-ordering it:


Of course, you'll have my eternal gratitude and undying affection if you do. I promise, it's less crappy than the first one.


Melissa said...

Less crappy? Ahh... modesty is an attractive quality, but get serious, you're the boy with genius poetry power. Remember? ;)

Paul said...

I don't quite remember that. Remind me? ;)