Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Two manuscripts go out in the mail today. The insanity begins in earnest, again. It's been a while, a year almost. It gets me nostalgiac for the old Alabama days, which were horrid, but also wonderful. And I miss the secret printing lab, where we could print out untold copies of our manuscripts for free. When they handed them to you, they were warm, like bread.

I haven't printed the manuscript out in a long time. It's slim, 57 pages, but not insubstantial. On good paper, it has a pleasing heft to it.

It reminds me to be confident in my work. To believe others will value it.


A. D. said...

good luck, paul.

speaking of valuing your work . . .

can i buy/get you to sign another copy of resurrection? my current copy is going to a friend tomorrow as a gift.

(also, do you have any idea how black lawrence is handling refunds on pre-orders?)

Paul said...

Sure, you can get another copy. I have a couple to mail out. Just email me.

As for refunds, I imagine that will be happening soon.

Email to find out more.

A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz said...

Stay strong, brother man.

Too, your 'heft' comment made me think of Sweet and Lowdown:

"And I don't mean fat! You've got some heft. Makes a man feel... like he's been someplace."

I doubt that this poor paraphrase is at all relevant, but, well, I'm an idiot, so. ; )

E.R. Carlin said...

I admire your moxie, Paul.

I always loved the blue ink, smell, and heat of poems fresh off the mimeograph machine, but that technology died.