Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Thanks to the awesome Cornshake (I can't recall how secret her identity is supposed to be anymore) for teaching my humble little volume of verse in her intermediate creative writing class.

Jonathan Johnson has used it a couple of times in his workshops at Eastern Washington University and he does something fun: he sets up a speakerphone in the classroom and they call whoever they're reading and have a Q&A session. Both times I've really enjoyed it.

Last year, in fact, Wendy Wisner and her husband Danny were visiting with me when they were going to call. We had dinner downtown at Thai Smile and walked back in the warm May evening.

I guess I was excited to have them staying with me, so I was just on when Jonathan called. Really funny that night. I had us all laughing. Good times.

Anyway, thanks again, sort of secret identity lady.


cornshake said...

I can't wait to talk about your book! But yeah, I'm not trying to be that *secret,* per se (i mean i do post pictures of myself and the dog for crying out loud) but i was just trying to foil the Googlers and my students out there who don't need to know about my mundane daily exploits. As long as you don't use my first and last name together, I'm all good. :)
signed, *aimee*

Paul said...

No first name/last name of yours shall here ever be uttered in tandem, I swear it!


It's really cool you're teaching the book.

Anne said...

That is so cool with the speakerphone thing. I would have LOVED to actually talk to a poet whose book I'd read, when I was an undergrad. (Not that I don't enjoy talking to poets now, of course, hehe.) Heck, it would have been pretty cool even to read a book that had been published in the last ten years.

Paul said...

It's a really cool idea. I have a blast doing it.

Erin E. said...

Oh Jonathan Johnson. Amusing fellow who tried once to woo me west with hockey. Nearly worked.

So I see your loveliness will be at AWP this week. Will you let a cute Southern girl by you a drink at some point?

Paul said...

Of course, Erin!