Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Tonight I'm watching Spirited Away, instead of the State of the Union address. Both are deeply strange affairs, but only one of them is worth watching. I'm not a fan of anime, really, but Miyazaki is really amazing. I love Princess Mononoke.


Four rejections to go with one acceptance keeps you honest.


Final stages of production on the new book. Exciting, exciting. Won't be long.


My head hurts.


jeannine said...

For an interesting (if possibly somewhat oversimplified) commentary on Spirited Away, check out http://www.medialens.org/cogitations/041106_COG_Power_Gentle_Heart.php
Enjoy - and congrats on Southern :)

C. Dale said...

Hope your head feels better.

Josh_Hanson said...

I, and my girls, love Spirited Away. My 2 year old calls it "the Pig Movie."

Deeply strange, yes.