Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I wanna know who

Peter, I'm feeling for you after reading this article. Things like rain and cold weather just make my life more difficult so I'm no fan. I'd have snapped by now, were I there. Of course, on the flipside of that, when I moved to Tuscaloosa, it was the eighteenth day in a row with temperatures above 100 degrees. Which is kind of insane. All the parking lots were like soup. I forget how much longer that went on.


I'm getting close to when I'll have to let go of the text for Notes and it's scary. A little bit. I've lived with most of the poems a long while and most have been published so I feel pretty good about their general worth, but still, you think you can always make something better.


New Issues emailed me yesterday that they'd received a letter for me from PEN. What could it be? I had them open it: for $75, I can join! Heh, that's what I figured.

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Peter said...

Thanks, Paul.
We here in Seattle are hunkered down, staying indoors, trying to keep dry, trying not to go insane, or simply float away. It's really miserable on some levels. But heck, I guess it keeps everything green.