Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I've never seen The Godfather. I know, I know. In a world filled with movies like this, you miss some. But, tonight, I'm correcting that oversight. Thank you, Netflix.

What classic movie have you never seen but feel like you should?


Steven D. Schroeder said...

Definitely Leprechaun 4: In Space. This movie caused a joke among my friends and me that any movie which spawns a sequel should eventually do Part 4: In Space. Thus, we would have Jurassic Park 4: In Space, Star Trek 4: In Space, and yes, even The Godfather Part 4: In Space.

Real answer: Raging Bull.

Paul said...

There is a period in movies that I miss, that ended around the rise of the dvd, when the worst crap in movies could still get a theatrical release. When the first Leprechaun, starring Jennifer Anniston, no less, was projected on the big screen. Me and some of my friends saw it and had a blast, hence our following all the series, even Leprechaun in the Hood.


Simmons B. Buntin said...

I feel the same way about The Wraith, with Charlie Sheen. Utterly terrible movie, but my friends and I saw it in early high school and now it's the running joke.

Movie I need to see but haven't: Citizen Kane.

Patry Francis said...

my parents wouldn't let me see Old Yeller, because I got way too emotional over dogs. Still not sure I'm ready for it.

LKD said...

Dr. Strangelove

A Clockwork Orange

Citizen Kane

On the Waterfront

shann said...

we own it- LOTR-3

I just never have the time, it seems. I wish I'd seen it when it was in theaters but I was doing a show.

I bought it- Finding Neverland- it's been on cable, too,

I like the idea of LOTR-4 In Space, though.

Pamela said...

Reservoir Dogs 4: In Space.

bp said...

I've never seen that one with your mom -- what's it called? "Cherry Poppins?" Yeah, I have to check that one out. I don't think Netflix has it, but I'm counting on that place out by the exit 35 truck stop. They have a very sophisticated inventory.

Not trying to sound snooty, but teaching the various film classes I teach and going to a lot of stuff, I think I've seen all the basic Film History things and everything on the AFI lists. I'd say I've never seen anything by Pasolini, and he's kind of minor big shot. Also, I haven't seen Rio Bravo or Deepthroat.

But if I go the literary track: I haven't read Don Quixote or lots of the great novels. That's a big failing of mine.

Paul said...

Brad, I think it was Riding Miss Daisy. Or Flesh Gordon.

I'm like you: I've seen most of the AFI stuff, and we both are pretty well read in poetry, but the classics novels? I've hardly read them.

bp said...

So...what'd you think of The Godfather?

Paul said...

The Godfather was great. I loved its somewhat relaxed approach to plot and the look and sound and feel. 70's movies can look so singular.