Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dare to be

Boring. I'm so boring lately. Apologies for that, everybody. It's this cold and all this darkness. I don't get depressed during winter, like those who have seasonal affective disorder, but I sure dislike it all. Let's move to San Diego. Or Honolulu. Or wherever December does not hold sway.


Peter Jackson's King Kong is pretty awesome. For most of its three hours, it never feels long, though towards the end I was momentarily aware, during a pause, that ten minutes trimmed might be a good thing. Still, it's all kinds of entertaining.


Today, James Bo Guest and Clay Welles Guest turn 21. My identical twin brothers. It's impossible to believe they're that old, that they aren't still 5 years old and obsessed with lawnmowers. I remember the morning they were born clearly. I sat in the waiting room, reading magazines, an article in Reader's Digest on Tasmanian Devils.

Happy birthday, you knuckleheads.


Pamela said...

How was A. Brody in Kong? Was he MIA or did he have a good part?

Paul said...

He wasn't really MIA, but Jack Black, actually quite good, and Naomi Watts make the larger impressions.

Wendy Wisner said...

one big fat kiss to you and the twins

bp said...

Same here, I saw it Wednesday and thought it was great but thought it needed some shaving here and there. The fight with the tyrannosaurus was awesome, and I loved the part where she tells Kong "no" and he throws a big macho hissy fit but then goes off to sulk b/c he's been whipped at that point; but at the end I sort of felt like the NYC scenes were going through the motions a bit. There were several great shots on top of the Empire St. Bldg. -- some actually gave me vertigo! -- but it didn't hit me like in the first one. But like you said about watching the first one, the end is what makes that movie & the beginning sucks. I actually read one critic who said of the original that it's not a good movie until half way through, and it's not a great movie until the last ten minutes. I'd agree with that. But Peter Jackson's is pretty much good all the way through, and the end is really good, don't get me wrong, but not as great as it seems like it could have been.

Paul said...

Seems like if they'd held it back for May, it'd have been a grand slam. More time to polish the few dodgy FX shots and trim a bit. But, yeah, still great.