Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bring it on home to me

For a while now, something was off between my cable modem and iTunes. Every other program, Firefox, Outlook, etc., worked fine, was speedy, but any download attempted on iTunes was just interminable. So I haven't purchased any music in a while. But I've finally managed to fix that problem. So recommend me some good music from this year, would you, gentle Readers?


Taylor Loy said...

For a gritty alt-folk-rock kinda sound I'd recommend the Baptist Generals Album No Silver/No Gold

For a hot "single" just check out "Preservatine" (which is how it is listed in the store. However, the song is called "Preservative", I think)

Josh_Hanson said...

Kings of Leon: Aha Shake Heartbreak.

Dig it.

Ali Davis said...

*Bloc Party (especially the song "The Pioneers")

*Death Cab for Cutie

*Kate Bush

Charles said...

There's a comprehensive list of CDs I loved this year over at my blog--scroll down a bit.