Tuesday, November 08, 2005


It is a sad day. Because I'm broke, I'm dipping into the vault, selling off some of my comic books. This issue from 1986 being part of one set of 139 issues in a row. I keep fighting the urge to pull the listing off eBay.

You may begin making fun of me now. It's ok. Really.


Josh_Hanson said...

Maybe we could work out some kind of pawnshop like deal. I'll pay to read them and then you can get them back later?

Very cool.

Paul said...

Kinda like Netflix?

Ali Davis said...

I'm sorry, Paul. My first boyfriend was a big comic book fan. He had a whole closet that I hope he doesn't have to dig into. Good luck, my friend.

--marvel girl

Paul said...

Ha, it's fine. These were actually some I scooped off some mom once for next to nothing so it's not anything of sentimental value.

However, I hate selling them.... ;)

Melissa said...

My brother had some notable prize comics once. Once I say because it was over 10 years ago. He had them in the car when we went to the hospital to visit someone. He encouraged my mother to lock the door. She said, "What are they going to steal? Your comic books?"


Still, forgiveness for that parental flaw is forthcoming, err... someday.

Paul said...

Hah. Your poor brother. Maybe he can download them?

Melissa Jones Fiori said...

Not laughing. I can summon way too much sentiment even for the stuff objectively lacking in sentimental value. I am holding onto old, scuffed, bubblewrapped lunchboxes that I don't even like that much anymore. And doubles of comic books ... just in case, you know, the ones I actively read got all dog-eared and nonpristine. Anyway, good luck killing the fatted eBay cash cow.

Nick said...

From one collector to another...that sucks!!!

Alexis Z said...

Yeah. That sucks. Most of my comics I lovingly lend to friends and never see their return. I'm sorry that it's come to this, Paul. Love the new poems, too, especially the gorgeous one of the couple in the doctor's office. :)

Your friend through poetry ;)