Monday, November 28, 2005

Today's word is Ow

My legs are killing me today. Someone pass the Advil. Or the Alleve, which Amy B. prefers. Or the laudanum. Well, it isn't that bad. They just hurt. They do that some days. I don't really quite believe the whole weather changing thing that some people swear by in their joints, but days like today, blustery, combustible, make me have second thoughts.


Still no word from the eBay guy! Double grr. I'm going to obsess over this until there's some sort of resolution, so I'll try to keep it out of here. But I'm making no promises.


Heard, second-hand, of a Hurricane Katrina anthology being put together. Which sort of makes me nauseous. Lots of white people sipping 8 dollar coffees being sensitive about, you know, death. And how inconvenient it is.

It reminds me of the couple in Best in Show who met in Starbucks. Separate ones. Across the street from the other. While browsing their J. Crew catalogs.


I must seem grumpy. But I'm not.


Speaking of Best in Show, last weekend I finally saw A Mighty Wind. Christopher Guest, no relation that I'm aware of, basically has his own sandbox, in which no one else plays. His other films, like the hysterical Waiting for Guffman, are largely improvised mockumentaries, complete farce. What makes Wind interesting, and problematic, is that the jokes here are less barbed and the emotional pallete is broader.

And that seems to be the film's major intent, to allow something more in, so much so that it never quite seems to coalesce until Mitch and Mickey perform at the tribute concert.

Whether they will kiss at song's close brings a startling focus, and emotional punch, to the movie. Catherine O' Hara's face is beautiful in the moments before what happens. All the other groups, who've gathered side-stage, are moved.

And then the movie retreats, almost shyly, from the moment. Six months later, Mitch is apolegetic that Mickey misread his intentions; Mickey is performing at some dinky trade show. It's back to yucks and I kind of hate it.

Still, it's a wonderful, curious little movie, filled with hysterically dead-on takes on folk songs.




Steven D. Schroeder said...

I've had some lousy experiences on eBay, including one that sounds a lot like yours--I never got what I ordered from the seller, who then refused to refund my money. I hadn't appreciated a good credit card chargeback until then...

Paul said...

I tend to think the guy is on the up and up, with a pretty sterling feedback score, but I'm beginning to wonder. If he doesn't respond to the claim in 10 days, it automatically defaults against him.

Before 10 days are up, however, you'll probably see on CNN:

Crazy Wheelchair Guy Terrorizes eBay Seller


The Blind-Winger Jones said...

When you finally do get him, use something blunt , it's a more drawn out death...