Sunday, November 27, 2005


You go to the trouble of selling off all your Buffy boxsets, so you can replace them with this ultra-cool all-in-one set. Or you didn't. But I did. I bought one off eBay because it was cheaper than on Amazon. The seller, actually a company that also sells on the internet, shipped it last week. But not to me. To some woman in Colorado Springs. When I noticed this, I called them. They were polite and suitably puzzled, cooperative, were going to ship another one out that day but they were out of stock. So I asked them to cancel my order and issue a refund, to which they agreed. That refund hasn't come yet, despite a rather terse request in writing from me that they immediately refund my money. So, screw 'em, I filed a claim against them with PayPal. That was yesterday and still no word.

I'm not particularly concerned about losing the money. I'm fairly certain that I'll get that back, either voluntarily from the company or via PayPal, but it's frustrating to have it tied up.


Thanksgiving was low-key this year, just us, and even then my dad had to work that morning and the twins had to leave somewhat early. Starr's family was in Myrtle Beach, so I was feeling a bit deflated. Still, good food, and limited time with family ain't bad.


Idea percolating for a new poem.


Still grooving on Walk the Line.


Taylor Loy said...

Paul- I'm an Amazon man myself (sad, sad, sad).

But I ALWAYS (almost) check

Free shipping on every order and 50% of the time it is cheaper than Amazon. In the case of the big buffy box set. A lot cheaper.

May the patron saint of consumerism bless your quest.

Paul said...

I did check deepdiscountdvd and the price I got on eBay ended up being a couple bucks cheaper, so I went with it.