Friday, October 21, 2005


Last 10 songs on my Dell DJ:

1. Rudie Can't Fail, The Clash
2. Living in the City, Stevie Wonder
3. Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine, The White Stripes
4. Secret of the Sea, Billy Bragg & Wilco
5. Nothing Can Stop My Love, Buddy Miller
6. Homeward Bound, Simon & Garfunkel
7. So Cruel, U2
8. Photograph, Weezer
9. Everything Little Thing She Does Is Magic, The Police
10. Wildflowers, Tom Petty


What's your playlist?


Steven D. Schroeder said...

"Wildflowers" is one of my very favorite songs.

I shuffled my mp3 library. Here are the first 10 I'm playing:

1. Tupac Shakur & Dr. Dre - California Love
2. Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
3. Roy Orbison - Dream Baby
4. Metallica - Carpe Diem Baby
5. The Nixons - Sister
6. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Timorous Me
7. Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose
8. Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue
9. U2 - Staring at the Sun
10. My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - After the Flesh

Kathrine said...

I forever heart the Clash. Paul, you've gotta listen to Mike Doughty--former lead singer of Soul Coughing, and --I think-- also a former English major. (Perhaps you have already?)
Here's my iPod shuffle today:

1. Love - John Lennon
2. Mr. Brown - G. Adams and Bob Marley
3. Blue Eyed Devil - Soul Coughing
4. Earthquake Weather - Beck
5. Busting up a Starbucks - M. Doughty
6. Crash Into Me - Dave Matthews
7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
8. Manic Depression - Jimi Hendrix
9. Factory - The Vines
10. Take Me to the River -Talking Heads

Diane K. Martin said...

Hehe. Nothing makes me more aware of being a different generation than when one of you bloggers starts talking music. But I'm cleaning my house now and listening to my iPod shuffle (mostly set up for workout music), so I thought I'd post my first ten in the lineup, though it's bound to make at least some of you snicker...

1. Women vs. Men - David Byrne
2. Sweet Home Chicago - Blues Brothers
3. You Got to Funkifize - Tower of Power
4. Gimme Some Lovin' - Blues Brothers
5. From the Bottom - Blues Brothers
6. Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan
7. Disco Monk - Sonny Rollins
8. Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan
9. Can't you Hear Me Knockin' - Rolling Stones
10. Down to the Nightclub - Tower of Power

Snicker away, but it's not a bad cleaning lineup. Bob Marley's on there too, but he hasn't come up...

Diane K. Martin said...

Hey, didn't mean to stop the conversation! Carry on!

Paul said...

Today's list:

1. Absolute Beginners, David Bowie
2. Jolene, Dolly Parton
3. September Gurls, Big Star
4. Coward of the County, Kenny Rogers
5. Watching the Wheels, John Lennon
6. Come on Eileen, Dexy's Midnight Runners
7. People Talkin', Lucinda Williams
8. Endgame, R.E.M.
9. Fair to Midland, Dwight Yoakam
10. Sloop John B, The Beach Boys

Simmons B. Buntin said...

What's in iPod?

Egads, it appears I'm always one step behind on technology, even though my fulltime gig is as a web program manager. Go figure....

Driving in to work today, though, I started listening to The DaVinci Code on CD. Does that count?

Jennifer said...

From the "workout" playlist:

1. What I Am -- Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians
2. Carolina Rua -- Setanta
3. Blood and Roses -- The Smithereens
4. Kick -- INXS
5. Acrobat -- U2
6. Silver and Gold -- U2
7. Mrs. Potter's Lullaby -- Counting Crows
8. Cuscutlan -- Frente
9. Subdivisions -- Rush
10. Angels of the Silences -- Counting Crows

Paul, I saw Mindy Smith when she opened for Nickel Creek, and she did a spine-tingling version of "Jolene".

Amanda said...

Ok that is too much fun to not say something.

Love those lists, BTW. This is nowhere near as cool:

1 Road Movie To Berlin - They Might Be Giants
2 I Know What Boys Like - The Waitresses
3 Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
4 It's A Shame - Will Hoge
5 Oh Yeah - Yello
6 Rock Lobster - The B-52's
7 Missing - Everything But The Girl
8 We Need a War - Fischerspooner
9 Sounds So Crazy - I Am The World Trade Center
10 Five String Serenade - Mazzy Star

Alexis Z said...

1) Andrew Bird - Fake Palindromes
2) Wilco - Hummingbird 14
3) Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Jeane, If You're Ever In Portland
4) The Killers - Mr Brightside
5) Centro-Matic - All the Lightning Rods
6) Okkervil River - Black
7) The Beatles - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club
8) Feist - One Evening
9) M. Ward - Hi-Fi
10) The White Stripes - Blue Orchid
11) The Golden Age - Jealous Love
12) Beulah - If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart
13) The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends