Monday, October 31, 2005

Monday Night Miscellany

Willow Springs accepted a poem today, "History." Interesting because they'd asked for revisions that were very small, two adjectives, really. I just took them out rather than find better ones. In this case, less, if only by a little, is more.


Saturday night, at the party, a student came up to me. He asked, "Were you aware two of your poems mentioned cryogenic freezing?" I had to laugh. I had realized it, after the fact. I'm not sure what's up with that.

Funnier still, I nearly read another poem which mentioned cephalopods, so I'd have read two cephalopod poems.

And then I have a few poems that mention the Pope.

So, I'm obsessed with cryogenically preserved cephalo-popes.

For those keeping score.


Starting, again, on the albatross-like memoir. I will pay you to do one of two things:

A. Write it for me.
B. Shoot me.


Listening to John Lennon, "Woman."


Happy Halloween. What are you dressing up as?


Radish King said...

Jack Torrence.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Anonymous said...

Lo, too lazy to go to the shelf and uncork Hugo's Triggering Town. I believe he has a passage in thar about the word "stone" appearing nearly 40 times in a book of his.

Try THAT with cephalopod.
-El Cilantro

Ali Davis said...

Dressing up as....

A Smarty Pants.


Willow Springs is cool. They published some of my poems awhile back. Bet they put your name on the cover.

Paul said...

Name on the cover? Nah...

shann said...

I dressed in black, but only because it was there from the day before (I'm an organist/choir director and if I wear black I only have to pull the white cotta on- I'm lazy)

Standing in line at Costco for my meds, this lady asked me what I was dressed as, I said- a poet. She laughed and said that's cute, I said- no, I'm a poet, a real poet, this isn't for Halloween.