Saturday, September 10, 2005

Toilet literature

Read Melissa's latest post on a suddenly soggy Raymond Carver volume.

When you come back, what's your bathroom reading consist of?


Amanda Auchter said...

Personal as this is. . .

1. Poets & Writer's
2. Pier 1 catalog (don't ask)
3. DIAGRAM anthology
4. the backs of shampoo/toiletry bottles

Radish King said...

The journals of Sylvia Plath
Archie McPhee catalog

LKD said...



Seriously. I'm not kidding.


And Mark Bibbins.

And Wallace Stephens.

Anonymous said...

Toilet literature should only be paperbacks full of small bits of useless trivia - poetry on the other hand should be as close as close can be to the warm tub, the sandlewood oil and flickering candles.

bp said...

Paul, I also keep your book near the toilet...but not for reading.

Paul said...


Patty said...

Never poetry. It would seem sacreligious.

Always The New Yorker, and currently Tuesday's With Morrie. It was selected as this years reading project book. Everyone at VCU-Q reads the same book. There are discussions, and activities around the book.

Pamela said...

Birds of North America.
National Geographic.
Sundry Zoobooks.
Last week's New Yorker.

rebecca said...


I'm assuming Rick will be getting in touch with you, but as I'm not completely sure about that, I wanted to go ahead and contact you. I wasn't sure of your email address, so I'm getting in touch here. We would like for you to read at Meacham. Could you email me at and discuss details?

Tim Earley said...

Paradise Lost.

Eduardo C. Corral said...

I always keep a small stack of books in the throne room. My current stack:

1. Brian Teare: The Room Where I Was Born.
2. Chad Davidson: Consolation Miracle.
3. Victoria Chang: Circle
4. Field Guide to Contemporary Poetry & Poetics.
5. Jon Pineda: Birthmark.
6. Syliva Plath: Ariel (Restored Edition)
7. Scott Hightower: Natural Trouble.

Who needs fiber? I gotz poetry!