Saturday, September 17, 2005


I mean, podcast. I mean, MiPoRadio. I mean, I'm on it. Click.


How fun to be sending out poems again! All last year, I never really had to. Several editors asked for work, miracle of miracles, so I went the whole year without the kind of lovely tedium of getting submissions together. Getting these out reminds me of so much: those heady days in awful Alabama. There were so many wonderful poets there. I'm going to brag on the gang:

Eliot Wilson, The Saint of Letting Small Fish Go
Ander Monson, Vacationland and Other Electricities
Josh Bell, No Planets Strike
Leah Nielsen, No Magic
Sophia Kartsonis, Intaglio, which just won the Wick first book prize
Tim Earley, Boondoggle

That's everyone with books, I think. I'm leaving out people who will, any day, have books too. People like Ted Worozbyt and Abraham Smith. I'm proud of, and miss, them all.


Tim E. said...

Let us never forget that the cockroach is our ontology.

Paul said...

No, we must never forget!

radmom said...

please post a link to the meachum website or provide the dates and times for it. i'm interested in attending but don't have access to any of the details.

Anonymous said...

Sophia rules. Word.