Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Received the first season dvd set of Lost in the mail yesterday; excited about tucking in to that. I've only ever seen an episode or two (downloaded illegally!), thought they were very cool, and everyone raves. The beloved Aimee, lost to us bloggers, fittingly, loves the show. So I had to order. It'll be good to be absorbed in something, anything, other than CNN.

One thing I love already about the first disc is its menu: a low shot of the doctor lying unconscious in the bamboo where the first episode begins. His chest rises and falls. The green stalks of bamboo sway in the breeze. Minimal music plays, before the sounds of something trampling through the foliage begins. It's spooky and hypnotic, all at once. I'm looking at it now, can't look away.


As long as we're talking Lost, I might as well mention J.J. Abrams, its creator, and also the man behind Alias, probably my favorite thing ever. I've never really watched it on tv, though, catching it instead on dvd. I tried to watch it each week last year but things like AWP and readings knocked me out of the loop, so I reverted back to dvd only status. And it grieves me that the fourth season seemed pretty off, aimless, at least from what I saw. I know ABC had demanded more standalone episodes, denaturing what had been one of the show's strongpoints: the epically involved plotlines, backstories, vendettas, alliances, etc. Taken with the third season, which, while very good, made a few wrong steps, I'd be embarassed to admit how depressed I'd be if the show limped to an end.

So I'm a nerd. Moving on. If C. Dale can have his Carnivale, I can have my Alias. It all strikes me as funny because I never watch tv.

I'm rambling.


Second blurb received.


I need a job.


I'm beginning in my advanced age to make a kind of peace with autumn. It's a gorgeous season, yes, but I've never been able to forgive it for letting winter slip in the back door.

But, here, summer is oh so slightly beginning to recede. Just by a scant few degrees. And I'm enjoying it, trying not to think about the dull grey rain that winter means here. No snow, just dull and drizzly. Bah, I say.

But, for now, I'll manage.

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