Saturday, August 06, 2005

Dispatch from Turmoil, USA

The latest: apparently my brother may have sustained tissue damage, at least on his right hand, approximate to that of a third degree burn. He went to see his doctor yesterday, who was taken aback when he unwrapped the bandages, stammering, "You know, uh, I'm just an internist...." He caught himself, though, treated some of the wounds and referred him to a wound care center and a plastic surgeon. It's possible he might need some skin grafts.

He received utterly inept attention at the ER; it sounded like that to me but I wasn't there. Seeing his wounds all week, I couldn't believe they sent him home without even suggesting he might need serious specialty care. It might turn out he won't, of course, but I'd be surprised.

My dad, in his way, is very tenderhearted and is just devestated; I think he's going to snap. ;)

And this Tuesday my brother Chan will be released from prison after six years. A great thing, of course, but also more turmoil. He's being released early and so will be under house arrest until March.

Everyone here is on edge.

And this is to say nothing about my impending move to Starkville. Since the possibility came up, my family has been less than enthusiastic about the move. We had a good idea that Chan would be out soon, so that loomed above all else in their minds. And I understand that. So I've been setting everything up on my own. There were times when I worried I might not be able to take the job. But I believe it's going to work out after all.

Interesting times.


early hours of sky said...

Wow Paul tons of stress. I hope you are treating yourself well.

Peter said...

Yes: lot's stress.
Please suggest to your brother see a hand physical therapist. Major scars on the hands can lead to contractures (shrinkage of the scar and decreased range of motion of the hand). He needs a stretching program as they heal (my $0.02).

Paul said...

Thanks, Peter. I'll pass that on.

rebecca said...

i do hope everyting works out.