Thursday, June 16, 2005


Batman Begins was great. Actually, what I said to Wendy was, "It was AWESOME!" I don't often talk in all-caps, so there you have it. While I liked the first two films by Burton, mostly for mood and style, this one renders them quaint.

And I so want the batmobile.

Very classy production all around with Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman. Freeman has a fun, mischievious twinkle in his eyes and Caine, as Alfred, is invaluable.

Go see it at a theater with great sound. Really fantastic sound design.

Did I mention I want the batmobile?


Josh_Hanson said...

Who does Freeman play?

I'm excited to see the movie, but a little leary of the whole Liam Neeson business.

Paul said...

Freeman is Lucius Fox, who first appeared in the comics, I think, in the 70's, as running Wayne's corporation.

But I bet you knew that.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Glad to hear it's good. I want to check this out because of the director, whose name I forget but whose other work I like a lot.

P.S. Very very belated congrats on book #2!

Glenn Ingersoll said...

wow. you & ron silliman. two thumbs up! and to think I wasn't planning on going.