Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday morning coming down

Wouldn't you know it? Wendy and Danny leave and the sun shines out from the clouds. It was overcast, though very pleasant, the whole time they were here. Well, a beautiful day today.

Good times with Wendy and Danny. Cute couple. They arrived here Thursday afternoon, unpacked, and we all went out for Thai food at Thai Smile. Excellent food there. Everyone retired early that night.

Friday the two intrepid travellers slept in, Danny until the 11th bell (I live near an old church tower which rings on the hour). Breakfast, showers, general milling about, and then we walked downtown by the aquarium, the riverfront, took pictures of children playing in fountains, and had a fairly involved conversation with a nice old man about the history of Coca-Cola. Chattanooga was the site of the first bottling plants for Coca-Cola and this man, assuming all of us were tourists, began to hold forth. He was taken aback when I knew all the history. We were standing on a patch of sidewalk where the bottoms of old coke bottles were arranged into the cement. That's what set him off. Cute.

Danny had some work to do so he walked back to my place and Wendy and I walked over the bridge to Coolidge Park where we sat by the river, watched boats laze by, UTC's rowing team, ducks, and Ducks, an old Army amphibious vehicle the city has re-fitted for people to take tours of the downtown and then into the river where it chugs along like any boat.

Afterwards, we stopped in the nice used book store on Frazier Avenue where I had dropped off my book a few weeks ago to see if they'd carry it in their local author's section. The girl behind the counter had read it and fairly gushed about it, which kind of made my day. So they'll be ordering books.

Friday night we got pizza from the Mellow Mushroom and watched Vertigo. Such a great movie. One of my all time favorites.

And then Saturday morning Wendy and Danny had to leave to catch their flight in Atlanta back to Brooklyn. Sad to see them go but we had a lovely time. I think I need to plan a New York trip now.

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Seph said...

Jimmy Stewart and Hitchcock -- how can you possibly go wrong? I also love Rear Window.

It sounds like you had a good visit; I'm so glad.

There's honestly nothing more important (in my book) than the people who mean something to you and to whom you mean something.