Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Rainy day, go away

I like Fence well enough and in the past they've kinda sorta liked me; I got another nice note, a nice rejection, from them yesterday. But the thing is, I couldn't remember sending there. So I checked my records and discovered why I had forgotten. The note arrived two days short of being out an entire year. 363 days. I'm not complaining: all those poems are published now and I wasn't even aware they had them. I'm really just imagining the huge mounds of stuff they, and other journals, have to process. C. Dale! You must feel daunted at times. I edit Mot Juste and we're still small enough that it's quite manageable. New issue soon, by the way. Send poems if you'd like; I'm looking for 5-10 more poems to fill out the issue.

Anyway, that contrasts with The Southern Review, who once rejected me in six days. I had the poems back in my mailbox in six days. That's travel time there and back. I suspect it went right back out the day it arrived. Ouch.


Finally caught some baseball games over the weekend. The Lookouts have their home opener here this weekend. I think I'll go.


I'm supposed to do some kind of reading tonight at the downtown library but if it's raining I might not go. No walking in the rain for me. And it's not just me who's reading, so I'm not leaving them, the Chattanooga Creative Writers Guild, in the lurch. It's a National Poetry Month celebration here. We'll see.


David Koehn said...

I shared this at Loverude's blog as well. I received a rejection from 3p in 3 days...I think they were screening for me at the door as the mail came in. ;-)

Paul said...


rebecca said...

I got an acceptance from Margie in less than one week. I don't even get how that's possible. They are in Missouri.

I've gotten lots of instant rejections, of course........

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Howard Junker at ZZYZYVA says he holds onto manuscripts a week or two longer than he needs to (usually having come to a decision same day ms recd) because too many writers complained about getting short shrift. It's not that he spends any more time thinking about the work, just that he knows people fuss when they get work back two days after sending it. (I briefly got to the "Thanks for sending this" heights before reverting to Junker's standard "Onward!")

Paul said...

I like that: Onward!