Thursday, April 14, 2005

I've made the big time

I've been mentioned in The New York Times. Well, sorta. In the Sunday Book Review, poet David Kirby reviews Lucia's new book Luck is Luck. He is seemingly most fond of the poem "Fubar":

An even more radiant poem is ''Fubar,'' from a military acronym best rendered in these pages as ''fouled up beyond all repair.'' ''Fubar'' appears to be addressed to a friend who is paraplegic, and Perillo starts by wagging her finger at those who haven't earned the same right to sympathy, like the woman mourning her dead cat (''sorry, but pet death barely puts the needle in the red zone'').

Yes, I am he who is the apparent "paraplegic." It's too funny. So close! I'm going to have to find a print copy to preserve my kinda sorta fame.

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It's not print, but you might try this link: