Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Following, a randomized list of random trivia, facts, sightings, sighings, rumors, suspicions, lingering discontentments, love letters, complaints, supplications, entreaties, obeissances, genuflections, misdirections and other stuff:

  • Victoria Chang is just the best. No if's about it. We met in an empty room while I was killing time before her panel. Lunch on Friday where she witnessed some extra special service given to us by the little underground deli. We forgot to have our sandwiches toasted. About this, we were sorely aggrieved. Her husband Todd then joined us. He's great, too. They sent two cupcakes up to my room. Enough said.
  • Bob Hicok and I whispering all through one panel. "Can you talk about poems like this," he asked. "No," I said. "We're in the wrong profession," he said. "Yes," I agreed.
  • Chad Davidson in his Constant Rock Star get-up. Too funny. Hockey haiku. Both of us spouting off in German.
  • Meeting Jill for the third AWP in a room. I say we go for a fourth in Austin. Hi, Jill!
  • Forgetting to sign Jeanine's copy of my book. I'm sorry! Send it to me and I will. I promise.
  • Dinner with Lucia Perillo and Jane Mead in their hotel room. Take-out Chinese!
  • Frinding out I was a finalist for the Tufts Prize. I never knew!
  • Trying to decide if that was Merwin at the bar at the Fairmont or some random old guy. Random old guy. Merwin showed up shortly thereafter, though, and had a drink.
  • Lollipops from the beautiful Stacey Brown.
  • Practically living at the Hyatt Bar, where Adrian commandeered and kept the best spot in the whole bar, the massive corner windows with a view of the castle-like Fairmont rising up.
  • The rapid-fire Crazyhorse reading. Nearly knocked over the table. I should have. Dramatic end to my poem. "Yeah, I read a poem. If you don't like it, fine!" :)
  • Seeing uncorrected galleys of Ander Monson's forthcoming book from Tupelo, Vacationland.
  • Jon Tribble's awesome knowledge of just about everything. I love Jon.
  • The almost comically pleasant people of Canada.
  • Rigoberto Gonzalez summoning me to the Swink table by calling out, "Paul! Honey!" This was followed by Rigoberto chastizing me for not mentioning here I had a poem in the just released issue of Swink. So I mention it here!
  • Mavis the hotel lobby dog.
  • The conference that came in just after AWP: The American Mosquito Control Association. I'm serious.


Charles said...

Hey, Paul, I saw you about 10 times, but each time you were engrossed in conversation with Victoria Chang or being fawned over by Aimee Nez, or else I was caught in a conversation. I wanted to say hi, but I'm not an interruptor...Anyway, it was nice to see you in person, if not greet you. :)

aimee said...

you could have totally interrupted, Charlie! i would have fawned over you too. :)

Paul said...

No! Aimee fawns over only me! Me!

Um, sorry, I keep having little outbursts like that. The meds are helping, though.... ;)

Seriously, I did wonder where you might be; I never saw you.

Next time?

jeannine said...

Yes, I will take you up on! My sad unsigned book will be on its way...
Really good to meet you in person. And I'm glad Kelli finally mugged you for a copy of your book, now she will stop borrowing mine! :)

Tony said...


I saw you a couple of times too, being fawned over, so, like Charlie, I refrained from introducing myself.

In any case, if people want proof of the AMCA, the evidence is on my blog. And hot pictures of Charlie.


Victoria Chang said...

Oh! The feeling is mutual! I can't believe all these great blogger folks didn't come up to you--ah, they missed out. And I hope I wasn't the deterrent!

Oliver de la Paz said...


I have a copy of your book (unsigned). I didn't get a chance to hand it to you. Unlike Charlie who saw you 10 times, I just saw you that once! Anyway, it was great meeting you and I'll hunt you down for your signature.

By the way, I LOVE your account of the Rigoberto incident. That's why we love him so. :-D