Thursday, March 03, 2005

Well, crap.

Joan Houlihan has won The Green Rose Prize for her manuscript Cincture. Which is cool. Many sincere congratulations to Joan. New Issues is a great press and they'll do a fine job with her book.

But, damn it all, my manuscript was in that pile with hers. Over the last two years, its pulled in several finalist spots in great competitions: the Brittingham; the Beatrice Hawley; the Levis Prize; and so on and so forth. Very gratifying each time.

But, but, but....

Nothing to do but keep at it.


Some good news: Passages North took two poems today, "Hunger" and "The Numbers Are Not In."


And more: baseball is back. Despite its current tarnish, I can't help but be encouraged. I watched a bit of a Yankees spring training game today while writing, revising, working on my manuscript.

I'm beginning to feel like an actual poet again.


Peter said...

Best of luck with your manuscript.
I, too, am looking forward to baseball season restarting. It means SPRING! And, hoepfully, the Mariners won't suck this year. LOL

shanna said...
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shanna said...
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shanna said...

Oops. Sorry. What I meant to say is I sympathize with your disappointment. But hang in there with Elba and Johnny Ques

Paul said...

It is Joan. Oops. I think their website did actually say Jean, but it's correct now. I'll fix it.

And thanks to you both, Peter and Shanna.

Anonymous said...

Oh god... how have I missed the fact that you're a baseball fan?! I come from a long line of them. I'm one myself. In recovery. Maybe we can check out the local fare together some time this summer?

Annette (very giddy now)

Anonymous said...

For keeping in check with our athletic department, meaning reporting athletes' absences, tardies, grades (which is more of a hassle than it may sound), athletics gave me two baseball season passes (worth a whopping $104 each), which was neat-o.