Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Crazyhorse at 45: A Contributors' Reading
Thursday, March 31, 2005
4:30-6:15pm at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver
Room Georgia A

Steven Schwartz
Leon Stokesbury
T.M. McNally
Rodger Kamenetz
Dorothy Barresi
James McCorkle

Readers confirmed:
John Vanderslice
Lance Larsen
Wayne Miller
Susan Hutton
Chris Dumbrowski
Rick Bursky
Ryan Meany
Peter Cooley
Keeley Bowers
Michael Dumanis
Deborah Lott
Nance Van Winckel
Dinty Moore
John Gallaher
Richard Wollman
Paul Guest
Sydney Lea
Adam Schuitema


Suzanne said...

I hope you know that you'll have your very own cheering section---way over here. Knock 'em dead! :-)

Paul said...

Thanks, Suzanne. Wish you were there doing the cheering!