Monday, February 07, 2005


In answer to C. Dale's question below, (is that how to address you? C.? Dale? C. Dale?) on whether I'll be at AWP this year: I just don't know. I've planned on going since last year, saving money for it, but the national/state economies being what they are, Tennessee's budgetary crises in particular, there's precious little job security in my current position. I probably won't find out until early summer whether there'll be funding for me. Rent begins to look very attractive at that point. I've paid up for the next few months with that in mind.

All that said, I'd love to go. I'm even supposed to read for Crazyhorse's anniversary reading. Rick was nudging me towards going today.

I need a patron! Or a windfall.

Advice? Suggestions?

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C. Dale said...

Paul, I have been called C. Dale or Dale since I was in high school. So, use either one. People seem to choose one or the other. A lot of writers use C. Dale, but I answer to both.