Wednesday, January 12, 2005

You still love rock and roll

It's the forseeable last of this fool's spring that has fallen about us here like a woman's hair. Tonight is the last of it. Outside the air holds onto the mist and the warmth. Tomorrow it'll be thirty degrees cooler than it has been. I've been spoiled like a child.


Check out the ultra-suave stylings of Backwards City Review:

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  • Both of my poems are about breasts. But not really. Now you know you want to read for sure. ;)


    Received a cd today from Wendy! Very cool. And a card from Erica Bernheim in cold, cold Chicago. It has frogs in swim trunks singing. The card, not Chicago.


    Allison Krauss is playing right down the street from me tonight. I should try to sneak in. I did once. My senior prom night. My date and I left because, well, the theme was "Everything I Do I Do It For You," and isn't that reason enough? So we wandered around downtown till we came to the Memorial Auditorium where some kind of concert was taking place. We were by a side entrance when a man came out. I asked him to hold the door for us and he was only too happy to do so. We followed the meandering hallway until we came out backstage. It was a gospel concert. Musicians in suits stood around us and smiled at us. A giant man held his tiny wife in his arms, seated on his lap. She said we looked so pretty and we thanked her. We stayed and watched each group play, bluegrass, banjos, filled up with God. That was my prom night.


    nettylikesrain said...

    My prom night: Went to see the Dead Kennedeys at the 688 Club in Atlanta. Jello Biafra on stage raging about some skinheads out back picking on a black guy. Er, but we had to pay to get in.

    Jennifer said...
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    Jennifer said...

    Oops. Congrats on all the recent pubs ... but, sigh. I've been working on a Victoria's Secret poem for Josh's shirtless project, and there you are ahead of me. I think I will transmogrify (I love that word; as much because I learned it from "Calvin and Hobbes" as for any other reason) mine into a Frederick's of Hollywood poem. The higher trashiness content will probably help, anyway. Of course, if you emailed your poem to me, I could make sure I'm not totally wasting my time with this subject by going where you have already travelled (hint, grin). As you wish, however. I hope you ventured out for Alison Krauss; on a related subject, if you ever get the chance to see Nickel Creek live, go for it. May all the deceived green things in your town survive the return of January.

    Whimsy said...

    Hey, Paul. I love AKUS, and I'm not a bluegrass nut. My kids got me the AKUS DVD of a performance and it knocked my socks off.