Sunday, January 16, 2005

Writin' my will on a three dollar bill

I applied for a visiting position at the University of Central Oklahoma. Lord help me. But, as I'm in a visiting position here, in a state that has terrible financial problems right now, there's no solid guarantee the funding for me will be here again this fall. So I'm applying to other jobs as a back-up. And a poor "back-up" that is, considering I applied to over a hundred jobs before getting this one. But, I won't get anywhere sitting on my duff. Onward! I've got a pretty kick-ass CV, but so does everybody else, it seems. Alas.


Finished Buffy, season 3. Pretty great stuff. Season 2 is still high up there for me, with its operatic qualities. The moment when Angel kills Jenny (was that her name?) still gives me a shiver. 3 is great, though. Which I expected. "The Zeppo" was an amazing episode, one that knocked me right between the eyes.


Well, I didn't win the Morse prize, though the letter indicates my ms. was a strong contender. Another one down. It's coming so close, so often. Patience.


Anonymous said...

HI, it's Beckie! Blast from the past!

You're into Buffy too? I asked for a couple of the seasons for Christmas and my brother in law got me the whole set of seven seasons. I too just started season three, this is actually where I stopped watching the series on TV, not because I didn't like it but because I was never home when it came on. I just finished the zombie episode, which was pretty funny, and man did I want to smack Buff's friends. Condescend much?

Anyhoo, looks as though life is treating you well, I hope... :-)

Charles said...

If you think season 3 is operatic, wait until season 5.

Faith remains one of my all-time favorite Buffy characters.

Paul said...

Hey B., you stranger! Write me sometime.....

Paul said...

Looking forward to it, Charles. I buy the sets used, on the cheap, so I have to shop around a bit. But looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I tried to sign up for a blog here, and it doesn't seem to like my Mac. Ahhh, the persecution I face as a designer...I guess I'll just stick with my LiveJournal.

Anyhoo, season 5 is one of my faves. It's after this season that I think the Slayer started going a little downhill.

I do still prefer Angel to Buffy. But I give homage to Buffy since without her, there would be no Angel.

I'll email soon, Paul. Love ya, babe! :D

Michael said...

Paul: my c.v. sucks balls. How do I fix that and git mine like yours?