Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Odin's Raven

Last night I was invoking the Hulk. Today, Thor. And I was never even that into Marvel comics when I was a kid. Anyway, the reason I'm summoning my cartoon wrath is two-fold: a., handfuls of students who send e-mails saying, "I've never felt mixed emotions about anything," in regards to a writing assignment (to which I don't reply various too harsh messages about waking up, getting real, doing actual thinking), and b., Steve. The students are generally forgiveable: they're young, they're freshmen, they've been coddled, etc. I'll get over it.

But, Steve.

Steve is the guy I hired as my personal care assistant. He comes in the evenings and mornings and helps me in/out of bed, dressing, that's about it. He's been working for me since November and has been quite reliable. Last night, however, he didn't show and never called. I waited until well after midnight and never heard from or saw him. Luckily, my family lives here in town.

Still today no word. He didn't show this morning. I have no idea what his deal is. It's frustrating. It took me three months to find this joker. I don't want to start over again just as I'm finally, in the last few weeks, getting everything in place, in a groove.

And now this.


A.R.B. said...

Don’t be too hard on Steve. You know, he’s probably afraid to come back now. Maybe he read your blog, the Bixby thing. He’s afraid. Understandable, ¿no?

Sheer up, smile and he’ll run back in again.


Anonymous said...

Hulkster, had you considered that perhaps some dire circumstance prevented Steve from showing up? Have you heard from him yet? Is he okay? If he was reliable up to this point, wouldn't you fear for his safety rather than assume that he'd just blown off his responsibility and committment to you?

And, would you consider hiring a female personal care assistant? Me thinks me'd like that position. (wink)

Hang in there, crush.

Paul said...

I might. What are your qualifications?


Anonymous said...

Qualifications? Well, I know how to undress a man.

My goodness, but I'm grinning. Laciviously, I might add.

Meanwhile, what I was going to say in my previous comment but lost the nerve was: Honey, if I were your personal care assistant, you'd never get out of bed. (wink)

Why do I feel like Mae West now? Is there a modern equivalent? Does anyone even say "Why don't you come up and see me sometime" nowadays?

Alas, we live in an age in which the art of wink and nudge is all but dead.

Wink, nudge. Grin.

Circling back for a moment, you're okay then? You heard from him? He's okay?

Paul said...

I finally did hear from him. He spent the night in jail. Pulled over for a tail light out, found out to be driving without insurance, which now carries a near automatic arrest here in Tennessee thanks to a new law. So that's where he was.

And I'm fine.

But, my o my, it seems you fit the requirements perfectly. We'll have to discuss benefits?

Anonymous said...

Benefits? Your benefits? Or mine? (grin)

Oh, my, I do believe I shall be retiring this evening with a big grin on my face.

So, when you turn out the light tonight, crush, think of me smiling in the dark.

(I don't know why these little exchanges zing the strings of my heart, but damn, they do. I'm zinging.)

Goodnight, Hulk.

Thanks for the smile. I do believe I shall wake up with this same smile on my face tomorrow morning.

Paul said...

Running away when it gets interesting? Tsk tsk....

Anonymous said...

Hoo boy! it's gettin hot in herrrrrrrrre.