Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More Bob

"Spongebob & Patrick Confront the Psychic Wall" by the Flaming Lips is just the sweetest song I've heard in forever. I'm a recent convert to Wayne Coyne and co., and their work is so strange but pure. A perfect choice for the Spongebob soundtrack.

You should check it out on iTunes.


Josh_Hanson said...

Did you ever catch Beck on Austin City Limits backed by the Flaming Lips? It was interesting. Beck kept slipping into this "respectable musician" kind of thing, doing a JJ Cale song, etc., and then they'd just kind of pull him back in. It was pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

The soundtrack's also got a little Wilco: "Just a Kid." Solid work. Tweedy's son's band, The Blisters, sings back-up.

Dango said...

I`ve only heard one Flaming Lips song, `It`s Summertime`, and yeah I`d have to say they`re strangely affecting. Gonna buy a cd of theirs when I get back to the states for christmas.

Jeff Tweedy`s son has a band? Can he be more than 13?