Saturday, December 11, 2004

City of blinding lights

Left outside my door this week:

a $20 gift certificate to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, in a cute Christmas bag, addressed to Sarah T. I'm not sure who that is. And that's a lot of doughnuts.

one garbage bag, then another, then a duffel bag, all of them being dropped from two stories up on to my porch. Hello?

Several dozen feet of heavy strand, used to tie my door knob to a brick pillar supporting the balcony above. The door opens inward so the door would not have opened from the inside. Where I was.


In my mailbox:

the awesome Aubergine Anthology. A limited edition of 50. Very cool. You should contact Josh Corey if you want one. There might be some left. I appear alongside lots of good folk. More things like this should be done.

Rejections. Two.

24: Season 3 box set. I finally, today, finished season 2. The last disc was a duplicate of disc 1; I screamed, not literally, when I discovered this a while back.


In my refrigerator/freezer:

Hideous microwave Jimmy Dean sausage biscuits. Abe Frohman, call me.

Turkey pot pie.

That's about it.


In my wallet:

7 dollars (a 5, two 1's)


In the mail:

The check. I swear.


In the jungle, the mighty jungle:

No lions, but pray I sleep tonight.

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