Monday, November 08, 2004

Until you hit the ground

Wow, I love The Donnas' new album Gold Medal. Is it so hard to make records this fun/kick-ass? Is it? It is? Crap.


Wasn't meaning to implore everyone for wall-hangings, though my thanks to those that offered. I do want to have a party. Which will be a bit. Still living out of boxes. General disarray.


Must see The Incredibles.


Another Buffy poem, this time in Willow's voice, who I have an outsized crush on. I haven't read this poem yet, as I'm deathly averse to spoilers.

This means, in any Buffy-related correspondence, keep in mind I'm not quite halfway through season 2. Just watched both parts of What's My Line, in fact.


MisanthropicAnthropoid said...

The Donna's are great. They were featured on Smallville I think recently.

Reb said...

Only half way through season 2?!? You haven't even gotten to interesting Willow yet. Oh you just wait, there's a lot more to love later on.

Lips sealed!

Paul said...

This is one of the cases where I already know most of her twists/turns just by being, you know, alive while the show was on. So I'm aware of some things, the major beats.

Charles said...

The "What's My Line" episodes are two of my favorites of out of all of them. Drusilla is so adorably wacky and weird...Aside from Kendra's really unfortunate accent, everything is green light.

Suzanne said...

Hey, congrats on your new digs. T, loves Buffy. *lol*