Saturday, November 13, 2004

Just a copy of copy

Years ago, and far away, the first Bush president once, when asked about the the then recession, expressed confusion as to what the person was talking about. His attitude was one of genuine bewilderment. Recession? What recession? It's easy for someone with wealth to think like that. I'm saying all this because I bought a TV today for my bedroom; my old one had followed me from Illinois to Georgia to Alabama and back and finally gave up the ghost. Walking around in Best Buy, watching people cart out their 70 inch plasma screen televisions, it's easy to think two million people haven't lost jobs these last four years.

Pass the remote, would you?


Feeling good today, even despite the walkthrough consumer gang-bang. Had a good week, finally getting to move into my apartment near campus. This is a good thing. I can walk to class, I can drop in my office any time I like.

The departmental meeting this week was a gas. Take that as you will. We spent an hour debating the wording of a couple of sentences in a document. My mind had jellied by the end. Motions, counter-motions, ammendments. I made my own motion: to change the font. To something 'pretty.' Much laughter, applause. It put a stake through the heart of that bit of madness.

It's a kind of danger to bring together too many ostensibly intelligent, articulate people.


The Donnas are my new heroes.


Ok, be honest with me: how many of you can say that, in falling in love, Ernest Borgnine played a significant role?

I can.

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