Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Ah, the week is over and school is out and bring on the turkey. No, bring on the dressing/stuffing. That's my favorite part of the Thanksgiving spread. The rest is fine, but I wouldn't miss it. And I don't eat any more on Thanksgiving than I normally do, so that's not an issue, really. Still, looking forward to it all.


A lawyer friend spoke to one of my classes today. A bit more intense than usual (job stress), he dropped the word 'shit' a handful of times in an otherwise great talk. I think one girl was a touch offended, but most everyone just snickered. Gah.


Where has my secret admirer fled? Back into secrecy, it would seem.


I'm having company over tonight. Amazing. Dinner. My walls are so bare. All these years of living like a pauper, in holes, leaves me with a lot of books, even more movies, but nothing to hang on a wall. I need a decoration budget. And a decorator.

I'm thinking I want to have a few prints of the original Universal monster movies: Frankenstein, the Mummy, Dracula. Since grad school, I've kept some kind of beast on the wall, starting with Godzilla. They've been excellent muses. I think I'll continue.


Tony said...

What's wrong with saying "shit?"

Paul said...

Nothing, really. But in his amped-up mood it came across a bit too too...

It didn't bother me but you never know how others take it.

aimee said...

Where indeed? For awhile I felt like I was intruding on you and your secret admirer! Sounds like it is Valentine's Day around here, not Thanksgiving...;)

btw. happy T-day.xo

Paul said...

I'm wondering if I know this person, if they're just having fun. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

You have a secret admirer?! Why didn't I think of that?

Instead, I had to admire out-loud. Doh.

Anonymous said...

Fled? Me? No. Look down yonder, crush. A poem for a boy who dreamed of flight.

Now, be a dear and cut me a slice of pecan pie.

Paul said...

You are a terrible tease. And I have the pecan pie ready.