Thursday, October 07, 2004

Uh oh

I set up a blog the other day for the classes I'm teaching, just a goofy straight-forward thing where I can post assignments, links, reminders, etc., for my students, without having to go through the hassle of the Blackboard program UTC uses. Well, I didn't think until afterwards that it'd provide a direct link straight to this blog. Woops. Sure enough, I walk into my second class today and they're all a-twitter. So: hi guys! Amber, Brian, Kim, Antonio, Haylee, Ben, Graf, and all the rest of you knuckleheads, in 277 or 279.

It was too funny: they're commenting on various posts, asking about my mom, who's feeling better, my book, my Foghorn Leghorn sestina, and who knows what else.

I'm both amused, charmed, and chagrinned. Doh.

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Oliver de la Paz said...

Big DOH!

I'm still trying to stop my students from calling me "de la Paz" or "yo". I'm glad they haven't found my blog yet. It allows me to complain about them. :-D