Thursday, October 28, 2004

Today's word is

RESPECT. In honor of Victoria. Heh. You'll have to go over to her place to see why.


Shameless of me to bring bags of Hershey's Miniatures to classes today. But I did it, anyway. My first class was most pleased. When I asked, "Who loves you?" they all laughed. They think me half-nuts, I'm certain. And likely they are right.


Meacham starts tonight. Our three days of readings and workshops and drunken bashes each semester. Bradley Paul reads tonight, author of The Obvious and my old pal. It'll be good to see him and Karri again. The last time we got together was in Baltimore when my book came out so there's a symmetry in this, as Brad's book just arrived.

I read Saturday at one. Ensconced in the swankery of The Flag Room. I'm going to try to post pictures of all the goings-on.


No promises of any flag sightings, though. Do keep your expectations in check.


So I'm showing my class a quicktime clip today and the professor next door sneaks in and asks if I could turn the volume down. He's a really nice man and I quite like him but he is constantly blaring films in his class, on world religions, I think, so there are always tribal drums pounding through the wall and sacred heart singing and sundry wailings. And I never say anything. It didn't bother me but there did seem to be some lack of recognition there.

Oh, and a lack of RESPECT.


Victoria Chang said...

Funny stuff. People are so funny with their "laurels" and thinking "laurels" will earn them respect automatically, eh? And funny how when people are ranting about respect, they forget how to respect others too. Your stories are always funny!

Wendy Wisner said...

I second that about your always funny stories! Have fun at your reading this weekend. We want pictures!