Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Space Mountain

My second class, God love them, is nuts. Just starkers. I think that's British for crazy. I like it. But I was talking about this motley crue I'm in charge of. Supposedly. I should just post a daily breakdown of the stuff that gets said in class. Context or not, it makes about as much sense. Today:

"Dude, I tried to catch a duck once and they are fast."

"I got kicked out of the National Honor's Society." Why? "I got the vice-president trashed out of her mind. We couldn't sit by each other in class anymore."

"I was the rhythmic one."

"She had some little bo-bo purse."

(Apparently, "bo-bo" is negative adjective. Now you know.)


The aforementioned bo-bo purse is in reference to Brooke Hogan, daughter of Terry Hogan. You may know him as Hulk Hogan. The Hulkster. The Hulkamaniac. Evidently, father and daughter were in Chattanooga this weekend, doing what God only knows. One of my students waited on their table ($75 tip). They were later sighted by yet another of my kids at Walgreen's, driving a stretched Escalade.

I will confess a certain pang that Hulk Hogan was prowling about my city and I missed it. Damn it all. I'd be positively morose had it been Ric Flair....


Cher and Hulk Hogan within a month. Who's next? Erik Estrada, I'm praying.


Time to order more books for my upcoming reading. I still have a few left from the last batch. Who wants one? What do I have to do to put you in a new book?

Preferably mine. ;)


ryan james wilson said...

Having been a male child of the 1980's, I pose the question: "Who doesn't love Ric Flair?" I mean, The Nature Boy has to be the all-time coolest wrestler, what with his "Flair-chops" and "Whooooo" call.
I feel dumber for having written that, but I also feel a bit relieved, having admitted my boyhood love for wrestling. Maybe this feeling is "bo-bo."

Jennifer said...

I think 'starkers' also means 'naked'. In which case your class must be very interesting indeed.

k1tchenwitch said...

I always had a thing for Captain Lou ~ must have been all those rubber bands in his beard. . .

Paul said...

The funny thing is I never really watched wrestling growing up. My two best friends did, however, and so everything I know (admittedly, little) is secondhand, osmotic. Their stories cracked me up at any rate. That said, Ric Flair is just the best.

And no, no, nudity in my class. At least not yet...

louise said...

I had no idea that Chattanooga saw so much action! Plus Paul Guest lives there....wow!