Tuesday, October 05, 2004


  • I wrote a probably too harsh reply to someone from UTC, one of the parties once involved in this whole imbroglio. Their reply to my recent e-mail: "I was told you had moved into Lockmiller in August." No, you guys washed your hands of me in August. There is a difference.
  • Nice image from Mr. Stipe: "your drop like an anchor eyes."
  • I like doing these bullet things.
  • I missed out on Victoria's brief discussion of online journals, but here's my quick take. I prefer a mix of print and online for my poems. I've published poems in places like Slate, Diagram, Three Candles, Samsara Quarterly, In Posse Review and maybe one or two others. These have brought me more readers than probably all of my print publications. I edit my own online journal, Mot Juste, which has received since April somewhere around 16,000 hits. That kind of math is persuasive.
  • You should drop by MJ to read the first issue, a .pdf file, which features new poems by Bob Hicok, Bruce Smith, Simone Muenche, Elaine Sexton, Eliot Khalil Wilson and others. Issue #2 is rapidly coming together. Send us poems at motpoems@aol.com. Read the issue at http://www.motjustepoetry.com.
  • Holding off on sending poems for the next week or so. Amy Beeder from Blue Mesa Review solicitted some work last week and promised a quick turnaround.
  • Still liking the bullets.
  • Talking to Katey about her designing a new, rockstar home page for me. Dare I?

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Sara said...

hey, question for you. i want to get an MFA in the future. eventually, i want to teach college-level creative writing. would you personally suggest applying and entering immediately following undergraduate school? i guess the real question is: do you think that, as a writer interested in MFA programs, it would be unwise for me to wait a year or so before applying? did you go right away?

i have a feeling i'll end up in some program the year after graduation, anyway, but i've been entertaining other ideas. i'm in the first semester of junior year so i have plenty of time to decide.