Friday, October 08, 2004


A letter today from Milkweed, expressing the obvious about their decision on my manuscript when it's a letter. Still, it's a real letter, not a form, which is both good and bad. Good when genuine praise is given, and bad when a little added oomph comes off forced, at least to my ears. "The imagery in this collection is so vivid and well drawn..."-- good. "Often drawing attention to those characters we so frequently overlook."--bad. Bad, in that it seems kind of borrowed from stock critical response. Still, I can't complain as it's obvious real attention was paid to it. I'm grateful Milkweed was interested in the first place.

Friday night. I'm watching baseball. Maybe the debate. Maybe not. Baseball is far more edifying.

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Persephone said...

or you might find something more interesting . . . at least I hope you did; the tidbits I caught of the debate? BO-ring