Saturday, October 23, 2004

I've resisted

for a long time, but I picked up the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fifteen bucks, worth a shot to see what I think. (I've never seen an episode before.)


Gloomy here. No rain, though. I miss sunlight already.


Hello. Who are you and where are you from?


Charles said...

Buffy is/was my favorite show on television ever. It's clever, well-written, and the characters actually grow and change over time.

Keep an open mind about season 1. I think it comes off kind of dated. Season 2 is great, and seasons 3 & 5 are even better.

I'd be interested to hear what you think about it after you're finished watching the first season.

infozo said...

step away from the Buffy. Seriously. I hadn't seen an episode until a year into library school. The prospective librarians love Buffy, and so I had avoided it like cats-in-lieu-of-friends. But then I stumbled into "Once More with Feeling," and I got hooked.

And now I love Buffy. And my 23 cats.

jeannine said...

Paul, Congrats on your acquisition. Buffy season two is the pinnacle of the series, but it is my favorite series of all time. Strangely enough, a poetry professor of mine, Andrew Hudgins, introduced me to the show - at his workshops, they always spent the first five minutes discussing the show.
By the way, love your work! And the blog.
Jeannine H. Gailey

Anonymous said...

Pay no mind to the others. Season Three is the be all and end all. Faith is the absolute best.

God, what a bunch of geeks.

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm the geek.
-josh H

Artichoke Heart said...

Love, love, LOVE Buffy! Favorite. TV. Show. Ever. Quirky blend of humor, horror, action, and drama. Crisp, clever dialogue. LOVE it! Season Six is my favorite season. Enjoy!

Emily said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't listen to the Buffy fans. It's fine, but my vote goes to Millennium as the best series ever. :) J

Paul said...

I get more response on mentioning Buffy than anything else I might post. Too funny. Or depressing. ;)

k1tchenwitch said...

Yes, yes, you have to watch Buffy and love Buffy because then I can feel a little bit better about being totally addicted to Buffy myself. :)
And I LOVE reading that Andrew Hudgins watches Buffy ~ makes me feel better about things already.
And if nothing else, it's always interesting to see who pops up for the musical appearances ~ Cibo Matto, Aimee Mann. . .Okay, shutting up now. Sorry.