Thursday, October 21, 2004

Corpulent soccer mom

It was a gorgeous autumn day today, warm and bright. I had three hours until I taught my evening class; I decided I'd walk downtown, get a large glass of sweet tea somewhere, and just feel groovy. And I did.

Walking back, there's a lot of roadwork going on right now and new curb cuts are being put in in lots of places (an amazing and long-needed addition to certain areas here), so I had to take sometimes circuitous paths to get around busted up sidewalks, new asphalt, old road being dug up.

At one point, to get across the street I had to jaywalk, essentially. I waited until traffic wasn't coming or was adequately distant, then started out. A mini-van coming down the street slowed, the woman waved me on with her wattled arms, but agitatedly. I nodded, went on. She sped up and as she went on I heard her yell out:


I turned around and busted out laughing. What the hell? Just inexplicable. I thought then how funny it'd have been for me to snap, to fly into road-rage, this guy in a wheelchair trailing this banshee in a mini-van, both of us in a froth.

Are you talkin' to me?

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Victoria Chang said...

Oh my gawd. That story made me nearly get a concussion falling off my chair. The image of this corpulent hissing woman yelling at you in the middle of traffic is just too much for my Friday morning. And the pincushion story, too much. You didn't know enough people like me growing up--you wouldn't have been able to get away with anything around me.